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Well Service Rigs

Wild Desert operates Well service rigs to carryout workovers, completions, re-completions, frac stimulations set up, live completions & many more operations associated with Coal Seam Gas, Conventional Gas & Oil wells.

The fleet consists of stiff single units ranging from 100k – 150k hook loads with rod & tubing racking abilities.

Each Rig is kitted out with:

  • Mud pumps & mud tank
  • Handling equipment to handle any type of well, tubing & rods
  • Cat walk / pipe rack / koomey unit trailer
  • Combination units comprising of offices / toilet / lunch rooms / workshop
  • Forklift, stinger & bucket
  • 5k Double gate stack & Annular
  • Fuel Cells, power swivels, generator, crew vehicles
  • Septic containment units  

Depending on the type of work our customer requires, our packages can be up sized or down sized to suit well requirements – such as additional air packages, blooey lines & accessories, fishing equipment, drilling & milling, extra tanks capacities etc.

All rigs are fitted with mandatory Remote Emergency Shutdown systems. Wild Deserts system has power back-ups with emergency lighting & warning alarms.  

The rigs & ancillary equipment is highly mobile. The fleet of Wild Desert trucks & experienced operators are utilised to carry out rig moves, 24/7 on customers demand.

Rigs & Equipment are custom made or re-furbished in house by Wild Desert. Having people with Oil & Gas field experience building equipment suited to an industry demanding high elements of safety & production, allows our people in the field to have the best & safest equipment available.
Our rigs are aimed at being safe & productive for our customers while being user friendly for our people to operate.