Our Expertise

Wild Desert has unparalleled expertise and is an industry leader in providing well servicing integrated solutions.

While specialising in well servicing, Wild Desert also specialises in a full suite of integrated services, such as mobile camps and transport logistics, equipment hire, internal maintenance teams and Department of Design and Innovation. Our full suite of integrated solutions enables us to:

  • offer our clients more cost-effective packages
  • customise packages and equipment
  • ensure we can be responsive and provide immediate solutions, rather than having to negotiate with third parties
  • provide safer operations through integrating our HSEQ management system across all integrated services to ensure more focussed HSEQ outcomes

Importantly, this full service offering permits our clients to concentrate on well completion without the distraction of having to manage additional contractors. 

A picturesque sunset view of a well servicing rig, with the vibrant colors of the setting sun casting a warm glow on the equipment and surrounding landscape
A panoramic view of a well servicing rig landscape showcasing various equipment and machinery used in the oil and gas industry

Well Servicing

At Wild Desert, we operate well service rigs for coal seam gas and conventional oil and gas wells. Our rigs have an extensive range of capabilities including, but not limited to, workovers, completions, flushes, pump change outs, milling operations, re-completions, frac assists, well bore clean outs, and plug and abandonments.

Rig Packages

Wild Desert fleet consists of stiff single and double units, ranging from 100k – 250k hook loads with rod and tubing racking abilities.

Our Rig Packages can be customised to meet the needs of our industry, our environment and our clients. They are designed to be highly mobile and transported efficiently.

Well Servicing Integrated Solutions

Mobile camps situated near well servicing rig equipment in a deserted area
Mobile Camps

At Wild Desert, we understand the need to provide comfortable and secure accommodation to support crews working in remote locations. Our mobile camps are modern, providing the services and comfort expected in today’s oil and gas industry. Our Wild Desert camp crews consist of our own cooks and campies.

Each Wild Desert camp is designed to ensure that it can be safely and efficiently moved between well locations, and survive in Australia’s harsh outback conditions.

Wild Desert mobile camps include:

  • Ensuite rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Laundry
  • Septic containment unit or septic processing unit
  • Recreation room, including cinema and games room
  • Gym
  • Generators
  • Hydraulic walkways
  • Water cooling systems
Aerial view of a large transport truck park located in a desert landscape, with numerous trucks parked in rows and scattered across the sandy terrain
Transport Logistics

Wild Desert operates its own transport logistics department. Our transport team offers a broad range of services including:

  • Rig moves
  • Mobile camp moves
  • General freight and stores
  • Fuel and water delivery
  • Waste and septic removal
  • Refrigerated goods and food delivery.

Our trucks and equipment are custom-fitted and purpose-built for moving rig and camp equipment safely and efficiently, and all Wild Desert drivers have significant experience and familiarity with moving rigs and camps in the Australian oil and gas industry.

We offer our clients’ on-demand rig moves on a 24/7 basis, year round. Being able to move at short notice and at any time of the day minimises standby times and ensures significant cost savings for our customers.

We pride ourselves on an exemplary transport safety record. Wild Desert is accredited under the National Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Scheme.  This means that Wild Desert is independently audited annually by National Heavy Vehicle Regulator approved auditors to ensure that Wild Desert has the systems in place to safely provide maintenance to its fleet of prime movers.

A deserted landscape featuring truck-mounted equipment used for well servicing in the oil and gas industry
Equipment Hire

Wild Desert has an inventory of specialised hire equipment compliant with the specifications required in the Australian Oil and Gas Industry. Some of our purpose-built equipment available for hire includes frac tanks, flare tanks, pipe baskets, generators, hydraulic shears, and fishing equipment.

Our integrated solutions allow us to be more than a typical hire company, as we can guarantee the following services:

  • Fast delivery to client sites
  • Flexible rental agreements
  • Designed and built to Australian Industry Standards
  • Required certification supplied
  • Maintenance and Service history
A team of workers wearing safety gear operating machinery and performing tasks at well servicing rigs
Fabrication and Maintenance Teams

Wild Desert has an internal design and trades team for the purpose of customising, fabricating, modifying and maintaining equipment.

Our team, consisting of project manager, draftsperson, welders, mechanics and  electricians, ensures that innovative ideas can be actioned by building rig equipment from start to finish, or modifying items to ensure it best fits the requirements and stringent regulations of our industry. Furthermore, at Wild Desert we can:

  • Provide clients with a quick turnaround on equipment builds
  • Complete strip down and rebuild rig carriers
  • Custom build ancillary rig equipment, such as mud pumps and mud tanks, and koomey units
  • Engineer out hazards on the rigs or equipment which may be identified by rig personnel during normal operations
  • Provide general fabrication maintenance to all rigs, trucks and other equipment
  • Custom build rig trucks
  • Ensure quality control on all equipment by management
  • Incorporate innovative ideas to ensure that our equipment is as safe as possible
  • Provide research and development into Next Generation equipment