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Welcome to Wild Desert

Mission Statement

To provide exceptional customer service, through knowledgeable leaders, superior equipment and safe, efficient practices. We will create an atmosphere of excellence where people thrive to reach their potential.

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Wild Desert is an oil & gas well servicing company based in Roma, Queensland, the heart of the Surat Basin.  The company was established in 2005 & has since grown to incorporate well servicing rigs, logistic services, rig camps & a workshop for the fabrication & maintenance of our equipment.

Uniquely, Wild Desert offers:

  • A “Rig Experienced,” approachable management team
  • Custom designed equipment
  • 24 hour operations & rig moves on customer demand
  • “Safficiency” - combination of a safe, yet efficient service
  • Support & sponsorship to our local community
  • 6 monthly Rig Manager & Crew Meets
  • We offer a service guarantee



best people

Our work practices combine Safety & Efficiency > Safficiency.

best equipment

Wild Desert will not charge our customers Rig Repair time, in the event of an equipment failure.

your location

If you are disappointed with our service once we are on location we will listen to you & find a suitable & satisfying solution within 24 hours.