A Day in the Life of a Mobile Well Servicing Rig Worker in Australia

Working on a mobile well servicing rig can be a physically demanding job, but it can also be a rewarding and fulfilling one. In this blog, we’ll look at a typical day in the life of an Australian mobile well servicing rig worker, including the challenges and rewards of the job.

Tasks involved as a rig worker

The tasks involved in mobile well servicing rig work can be quite varied and may depend on the specific job or project. However, some common tasks that mobile well servicing rig workers may be responsible for include:

  1. Setting up the rig: Before any drilling can take place, workers must set up the rig. This involves assembling and positioning the rig, installing the drill string, and connecting it to the surface equipment.
  2.  Drilling: Once the rig is set up, workers will begin drilling the well. This involves using a drill bit to penetrate the earth’s surface and reach the target depth. During the drilling process, workers will need to monitor the progress of the well, check for any obstructions, and make adjustments as necessary.
  3.  Completing the well: After the well has been drilled, workers will need to complete it. This involves installing casing to support the walls of the well and prevent it from collapsing, as well as perforating the casing to allow oil or gas to flow into the well.
  4.  Maintaining and repairing equipment: In addition to drilling and completing wells, mobile well servicing rig workers are also responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment. This may involve inspecting and lubricating machinery, replacing worn or damaged parts, and troubleshooting any issues that arise.
  5.  Operating heavy machinery: Mobile well servicing rig workers must be skilled in operating a range of heavy machinery and equipment, including drills, pumps, and other tools. They must also be able to read and interpret technical drawings and schematics to ensure that equipment is set up and operated correctly.
  6. Ensuring safety: Safety is a top priority in mobile well servicing rig work, and workers must be vigilant about following safety protocols and procedures. This may involve wearing personal protective equipment, conducting regular safety inspections, and identifying and addressing potential hazards on the worksite.

Overall, mobile well servicing rig work requires a high level of technical expertise, physical endurance and attention to detail. Workers must be able to work effectively as part of a team and must be willing to adapt to changing conditions and challenges that may arise during the drilling and completion process.

Rewards of a rig worker

One of the most rewarding aspects of the job is the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a successful well. Workers must work together as a team to drill and complete each well and the feeling of satisfaction when everything goes smoothly is hard to beat.
Another great aspect of the job is the camaraderie that develops between workers. Working on a mobile well servicing rig is a team effort and workers rely on each other to get the job done. This creates a strong sense of community and mutual support that can be hard to find in other jobs.

Making a real difference

The opportunity to make a real difference is perhaps the most appealing aspect of working as a mobile well servicing rig worker in Australia. The work that these employees do is critical to the oil and gas industry, which is vital to the Australian economy. Workers help to ensure that the industry can continue to thrive and contribute to the country’s growth and development by providing dependable and efficient well servicing.

At Wild Desert, our people are our company. Employing the right people in our business has driven our continued success. As we have grown to services operations all over Queensland and South Australia, so has our field team. We now have a diverse group from around Australia, bringing their skills and experience to deliver our best work every day. If you are interested in a career at Wild Desert, apply online here.

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