Learn About Life as a Floorhand on an Oil Rig

A worker with fully ppe and orange coverall is holding handrail during walking up to the drilling rig platform. Oil field industrial working action photo, partial focus at the person's hand part.

Have you ever imagined yourself working on an oil rig? It’s a one-of-a-kind job that necessitates hard work and dedication. For those interested in a FIFO mining job and want to learn more, here’s an overview of what it’s like to work as a Floorhand on an oil rig.

What does a Floorhand do?

Floorhand is in charge of operating, maintaining and repairing various pieces of equipment on the drill floor. This includes everything from heavy machinery to hand tools. They also assist with tasks such as cleaning up spills, checking gauges and ensuring that all safety protocols are followed. Floorhands must be in good physical condition and have the ability to remain focused under pressure as the working conditions are often extreme.

Early mornings

The day of a Floorhand begins early, often before sunrise. The crew gathers on the rig floor for their daily briefing from their supervisor. The team is assigned tasks for the day during this briefing and any safety protocols are reviewed. Following this meeting, everyone returns to their respective posts; for Floorhands, this means heading out onto the drill deck to begin preparing for the day’s first task.

Throughout the day

A Floorhand’s responsibilities vary from day to day, but they typically include tasks like operating pipe-handling equipment or preparing the rig floor for drilling operations. Additionally, they may be required to work underneath the rig or in other challenging conditions; this includes performing maintenance on equipment in cramped spaces, handling hazardous chemicals in extreme temperatures and more. Floorhands also help with maintenance tasks like general housekeeping and ensuring that safety protocols are followed at all times. If necessary, they may be asked to assist other departments, such as assisting in the galley or assisting mechanics with repairs.

Ending a good day’s work

At the end of each shift, everyone returns to the drill deck for another safety briefing and finishes up for the day. There are plenty of rewards for those who can handle the challenges that come with working on an oil rig. Even for entry-level positions, the pay is usually quite good, and there is often room for advancement within the career. Furthermore, many people find personal fulfilment in knowing that they are directly contributing to something larger than themselves by helping to power our society through their hard work.

How to land a FIFO mining job?

First and foremost, inexperienced applicants should apply for an entry-level Leasehand position. This typically involves performing general labour duties such as cleaning and janitorial work. After gaining some experience and qualifications, the applicant can look for more advanced positions, such as an experienced Floorhand position. FIFO mining work in Australia is a rewarding and exciting job that can offer workers a great deal of job satisfaction and financial stability.

At Wild Desert, our people are our company. Employing the right people in our business has driven our continued success. As we have grown to services operations all over Queensland and South Australia, so has our field team. We now have a diverse group from around Australia, bringing their skills and experience to deliver our best work every day. If you are interested in a career at Wild Desert, apply online here.

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